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Humble Beginings

After years of working as chef, in renowned kitchens and learning from some of the best chefs in the industry, with the focus on french cuisine, desserts, fusion and modern Australian just to name some.

It was time to focus my love of food and what I really loved to make, was Confectionery and Cakes.

Cooking is something I have always done since  beginning of early childhood.

Even from the beginning I always had a love for the sweet stuff especially Confectionery.

Not any just any sweets but Confectionery (lollies) all those bright colours, hard and chewy, sweet, sour and crunchy textures.

You could get all these things wrapped in a small bundle of Confectionery.

My Grandmother always keep a stash of Confectionery (lollies) and we could always dip into the bowl when visiting.

All those bullseyes, marshmallows, brittles and chewy lollies, how delicious. In the range I have created I have kept the old world charm and nostalgia of child hood in line with tradtional Confectionery giving it all a modern twist by integrating some new flavours and timeless techniques.

You can find all your confectionery (Candy) needs by following this link.